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The Boxty Rebellion Band

The Boxty Rebellion is a traditional Celtic music band, a very well-known and popular music genre which is applied to those distinctive styles of music from Ireland and Scotland, and especially those popular bar drinking songs! In modern times, these styles are very well known because of the importance of Irish and Scottish people in the English speaking world, and especially in the United States, where they had a profound impact on American music, particularly bluegrass and country music.

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Boxty Rebellion Biography

The original band (Dash Band) was formed in Suzhou (China) in 2008 by Irish vocalist Séamus McGeough (aka Jimmy Dash) and while the band has featured Celtic music since inception, in 2011 a new focus on a broader repertoire of both Irish and Scottish folk music was very well received by audiences and in February 2011 the 'Boxty Rebellion' identity was launched! "Jimmy" (pictured right); born in Drogheda, Ireland, has been based in Suzhou since 2004. Jimmy is the lead singer in the band and also plays the kazoo and various hand drums.

The Boxty Rebellion lineup includes Daniel Tibbs (pictured left) on the violin and bass. Daniel was born in the United Kingdom and has been living in Suzhou since 2008; he also plays the guitar, mandolin and drums and has composed traditional Irish and Scottish instrumental music. Daniel is also skilled in the music recording process including track mixing, mastering and production. With a keen interest in techno music, Daniel is also a house music producer and DJ.

Playing guitar and violin with Boxty Rebellion is Dave Paul Matthews (pictured right) from the United Kingdom. Dave has been in Suzhou since 2006 and is also a founding member of the original Dash Band. Dave also writes original music and is the composer of "E-bike Rider"  and the popular Irish styled song "Whiskey And Guinness" for Boxty Rebellion. In 2011 he founded the band Surging Waves for which he has composed all original music. Dave is also an aspiring master of the guitar synthesizer and has produced a number of special effects for particular pieces of music in both Boxty Rebellion and Surging Waves.

The percussion instrument used for Irish music is the bodhrán; a circular Irish frame drum with a goatskin head is tacked to the side of a circular wood frame. The other side is open ended for one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre. The bodhrán has been used by Irish military forces as a battle drum, and the drum provided a cadence for the pipers and warriors to keep time as well as to announce the arrival of the army. The bodhrán is derived from an old Celtic war drum with a musical history that predates Christianity. Jimmy plays several hand drums including a bodhrán. For more information visit band website below:

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